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Huamei Group has won the fist “batch of national credible and law-abiding businesses”,Hebei Contract-Honoring and Credible Unit, Hebei Famous Brand Enterprise and “Hebei Quality and Efficiency of Advanced Enterprise” titles. Huamei Group was once awarded the onlyQuality-inspection-free unit approved by competent state authorities among enterprises engaged in the same trade, and has been among top brands of insulation building materials industry in China. "Huamei" was the fist company approved China Well-known Trademark in the same industry . Huamei products have awarded the title of “Hebei High quality products” “Hebei Famous Brand Products” and “Hebei High –tech Products” .Moreover and passed the test of British BS476. Part 7 1997,Huamei is the fist factory passed the “ Building insulation material fie safety performance certifiation” in the same industry in China. Class 1 products have also passed Korea KS certifiate and American ASTM E 84 test . High-end products mlex preservation insulation materials have passed the America and the international highest Standard examination obtained the FM certificate.Huamei was the first one that obtained certificates of fire retardant product mark, fie retardant building material eco-friendly marks and permits for eco –friendly building material identifiation trade marks,product quality tracking certifiate and participated in drafting the new national standard GB/T 17794-2008, GB/T 13350-2008, GB/T 17795-2008 and GB 8624-2012. These all showcase the industry inflence of Huamei Group and excellent technical performance of Huamei products. Now, Huamei is a landmark in energy-saving insulation materials industry in China.


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